📈Pool 3

What is Pool 3?

Pool 3 is a unique opportunity for users to stake $PARTY-ETH LP tokens and earn increasing rewards over the first two weeks of the Pool Party launch. The rewards are distributed every 24 hours.


There are no fees to stake in Pool 3, in contrast to Pools 1 and 2. However, players must keep their tokens staked for 24 hours before they are eligible to receive rewards. If a player unstakes their tokens before the 24 hour period is over, the player will forfeit their unclaimed earnings, and their reward claim will be reset back to zero.

What are Emissions Like?

The initial seed amount for Pool 3 is 5 million $PARTY on day 1. Each day thereafter, the amount of $PARTY added to the Pool will linearly increase at a rate of approximately 3.6 million $PARTY per day. This means that on day 2, approximately 8.6 million $PARTY will be added to the Pool, and on day 3, approximately 12.2 million $PARTY will be added, until day 14 when approximately 52.1 million $PARTY will be added.

Total Emissions

Overall, Pool 3 will emit a total of 400 million $PARTY over the 14-day period that it is available. This emission schedule is designed to encourage users to stake their LP tokens early on, as the rewards will increase over time.

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