🪙Party Token

The $PARTY token is the native token of the Pool Party game, and it will have a total supply of 1 billion tokens. The token allocation is divided into different categories.

First, 40% of the $PARTY tokens are allocated to Pool 3 emissions. These tokens will be distributed over a period of 14 days as rewards for users who stake their $PARTY-ETH LP tokens in Pool 3. The emission schedule is designed to gradually increase the amount of $PARTY tokens added to the pool each day, starting from an initial seed amount on day 1 and linearly increasing over the 14-day period.

Second, 20% of the $PARTY tokens are allocated to contributors at the time of the game launch. These tokens may be distributed to individuals or entities that have contributed to the development, launch, or promotion of the Pool Party game.

Next, 20% of the $PARTY tokens are reserved for the team behind Pool Party. These tokens may be allocated to the developers, founders, or other team members.

Finally, 20% of the $PARTY tokens are allocated to an Ecosystem Fund. This fund can be used for various purposes related to the growth and development of the Pool Party ecosystem, such as liquidity mining incentives, partnerships, marketing, or community initiatives.

Overall, the token allocation of $PARTY in Pool Party is designed to incentivize participation, reward contributors, support the development team, and promote the growth of the Pool Party ecosystem.

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